At Villa del Cielo we feel responsible for taking care of our beautiful land. Our commitment is certified by HOTELES MAS VERDES, a sustainable hotel eco-etiquette program. The HOTELES MAS VERDES Ecolabel is the distinction that recognises and certifies those Argentine hotels that demonstrate sustainable management, respectful of the environment and socially responsible towards the community and the tourist destination in which they carry out their activity.

We obtained the BRONZE CERTIFICATION in 2017 and since then we have renewed our commitment to the environment through audits. We adopt measures that collaborate and encourage our guests to consciously adhere to the care of scarce natural resources such as water, the reduction of energy consumption and the need to recycle organic and non-organic waste.

Our daily commitment is to comply with the principles of Sustainable Tourism, legal requirements and achieve continuous improvement in the minimization of the negative impacts that can be generated from our company and from our community as well as the maximization of our positive impact.

Our daily actions:

  • We recycle plastic bottles, clean paper or cardboard, and glass. Next to the Reception you will find a bin for recycling plastic bottles only, you can leave clean papers and glass bottles next to it. If you have any questions, the entire team at Villa del Cielo is at your disposal so that together we can take better care of our land.
  • We take care of water, with sensitive policies for changing linens and recommendations to our guests for the prudent use of water in the showers. Also creating awareness of the prudent use in the washing of linens, in the cleaning of rooms and in the watering of our gardens.
  • We reduce energy consumption, through solar water heaters for the showers in the rooms, use of LED energy throughout the hotel infrastructure.



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