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The small vineyard of Villa del Cielo, planted in 2014, promoted a new project that gave rise to Huichaira Vineyard (@huichairavineyard ) in 2016, today our main vineyard located in the town of Huichaira, just 5 km from the city of Tilcara . In 2018, Cielo Arriba, our first wine, was born by the renowned Mendocino winemaker Alejandro “colo” Sejanovich.

Huichaira vineyard was formerly called by the neighbors, “Sun of the morning” since its north orientation allows the sun to illuminate it for almost the entire day, something very beneficial for the quality of the vine added to the thermal amplitude due to the extreme altitude of 2710 meters above sea level.

The Quebrada de Humahuaca captivates with its small valleys between majestic mountains of different shapes and colors, in addition to its friendly, hard-working people with an ancient culture. All of this is reflected in our wine.

Today the wines of Jujuy and particularly of the Quebrada de Humahuaca are recognized by important critics and by the national and international market, which places us well positioned on the map of Argentine wine.


Blend co – fermented from MALBEC, CABERNET FRANC AND SIRHA

Aging: 10 months in used French barrels

Soils: High mountain terrain shows a wide spectrum of colors ranging from red to blue, violet and yellow. Each color represents a different mineral in the soil profile.

Territory: Huichaira, Tilcara, Jujuy. The altitude of these vineyards (2710 meters above sea level) provides very low temperatures that give freshness and elegance to this wine.

Tasting notes: Floral, Herbal and sweet spice aromas. The wine expresses a fine texture, structured tannins and a finish of fresh acidity.

Recognition obtained 2018 95 pts Atkin - 2019 96 pts ATkin (@timatkin) - 2020



Tour our vineyard, accompanied by our hostess LUZ, and then taste Cielo arriba along with a lunch with regional delicacies prepared by Maxi & Anto who are also our hosts and cooks in the Villa del cielo Restaurant Boutique Hotel @villadelcieloresto @villadelcielo. You will enjoy between colorful mountains, giant cards and a deep silence that will surely be kept in the memory of your 5 senses. Includes guided by the vineyards + lunch with dessert and mineral water + 1 glass of CIELO ARRIBA. Transportation from the hotel to the Vineyard will be at the expense of the guest. (check value per person VAT included) minimum of 7 people maximum 12 people.

For reservations or queries please write to [email protected] or request to contact Luz Hotel receptionist and hostess in Huichaira Vineyard WhatsApp + 54 9 11 49892881


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